Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian

Courtesy of Whitefoot PhotographyAs showcased at the National Armed Forces Day event in 2013, we are able to show the 16th Lancers as they were in their most recognisable and iconic uniform of all. Hard to believe that the scarlet full dress, unique to this regiment, was still a contempory of the khaki service dress that the regiment wore to France in 1914.

Equally colourful is the stable dress of the late Victorian age, which we use in our skill-at-arms displays, to demonstrate the training techniques used by cavalry of the period.

Aliwal, 1846The centrepiece of our mid-19th Century displays is of course the 16th Lancers as they were, when they won their greatest battle honour of all, Aliwal, India, in 1846.

In 1831, the South Nottinghamshire Yeomanry were deployed to repulse violent, Reform Bill rioters that threatened Wollaton Hall, following the rioters' destruction of a silk mill and the sacking and burning of Colwick Hall and Nottingham Castle. At Wollaton Hall in 2010, we debuted a recreation of this regiment as it was during this turbulent period of England's history.

South Notts YeomanryWe can provide a combination of all these impressions in our shows. This helps to illustrate the development of uniforms and equipment over a period in history that saw significant advancements in engineering and manufacture, which led to dramatic changes in how wars were fought.




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